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Meet Nikki & Quentin

Nikki, the founder of "Heart, Faith & Strength",  has dedicated her life to coaching, encouraging, and supporting countless chronic illness fighters. She not only dedicates herself to supporting and coaching those battling chronic illness, but she along with her husband, Quentin, has also gained a respectable reputation for coaching individuals, families, and those married to a healthy state of consciousness where their relationships can heal and prosper. 

Nikki has a deep desire to see chronic illness fighters, like herself, in a better place mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Quentin, Nikki's Husband, is not only her biggest supporter, but also a huge supporter in the Fibromyalgia community. He advocates daily on his wife's behalf and supports her while she supports countless others battling chronic illnesses. Quentin specializes in Life and Relationship coaching. He works alongside Nikki to encourage and inspire husbands & wives, parents & children, and individuals to grow and adopt healthy forms of communication.

It takes courage, believing, and fortitude to persevere with illnesses of various types and to overcome relationship trauma, but together we will fight for the change we desire and deserve!

With a focus on hope, compassion, and community, Heart, Faith & Strength is dedicated to providing support to the many Fibromyalgia fighters and their families. This includes information about Fibromyalgia, products that help promote awareness, coaching, creative therapy classes and monthly donations to Support Fibromyalgia Network .



If you're interested in booking Nikki or Quentin for an interview or event, looking to book a creative therapy session, or have general questions, contact us today!

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